Yellowwood Forest offers excellent birding and birder friendly accommodation.

Situated on the Inchara river bank just 1.5km from the Morgan Bay beach, the property is surrounded by 3 broad vegetation types, each from a separate biome. These being; a combination of Coastal and Afromontane Forest, Eastern Thorn Thicket and Coastal grassland. The combined Forest types growing along the river and in ravines adjacent to Yellowwood offers canopy heights for a variety of bird species. From 5 to 10 meters in exposed areas and up to 20 meters in places along Yellowwood’s family friendly Bush buck trail, where birders have seen the rare African Finfoot and the secretive Narina Trogon.


The surrounding Subtropical thicket vegetation characterised by a mosaic of Acacia Karoo Thorn trees and coastal grassland is renowned for plants, succulents and bulbs which grow nowhere else – a perfect place to look for the Red-necked Spurfowl, Denham's Bustard or the Mocking Cliff Chat.


Yellowwood Forest Bird List (153 Species)

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Morgan Bay Bird List (279 Species)

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