Cob Building Courses


We love the Earth! Many of Yellowwood Forest’s buildings are built of Mud. Would you like to learn HOW?

Get down and dirty with our two day Cob Building Course, a practical and muddy experience that's guaranteed to be addictive!

This workshop is an introduction to “all things mud” and may be run over two days. A weekend is ideal - arrive on Friday and stay the whole weekend. Time given is the minimum required to learn the art of cobbing, a short introduction is given and the practical component is in 2 parts. There is time for participants to practice and really come to grips with the reality of building with cob.


The 2 day course includes:

  • An introduction to cob and its history
  • Design considerations specific to cob and wattle and daub
  • Locating and testing soils
  • Mixing cob successfully by foot
  • Adapting cob mixes for local conditions and specific uses
  • Building with cob
  • Learn the pros a cons of using lime
  • Sculpting with cob - create free flowing forms, integrated niches and decoration
  • How to make and apply, polish and colour earthen plasters, clay paints and finishing plaster
  • How to seal cob using wheat paste, cactus, cow dung and “glue”

Cost: R1500 per person (Minimum 4 people)
Includes all meals and 2 nights accommodation 
Duration: Day 1 - 9am to 3pm, Day 2 - 9am to 2pm

When? You decide when, we will make it fit…