Every Saturday 9am - 2pm

Yellowwood Forest has become famous for its markets. This tranquil setting comes to life with the happy laughter of children playing while shoppers browse the interesting variety of stalls.

If you’re camping or staying here please DO join in the spirit of things. DO stay to enjoy the unusual circumstance of having a diverse assortment of stalls pop up near your site. Please DO NOT book to coincide with market dates if you’re intolerant of a festival atmosphere and happy holiday crowds for those few hours or come, but DO sneak off and return later, having missed it all. Come light and Shop local - it’s very very lekker!


Craft Markets

Craft Markets are held on the 1st Saturday of every month and more frequently during the holidays.

The four December Holiday craft markets are particularly busy and dates for these are always the same; 16th, 23rd and 28th December and the 2nd of January. Crowds and trading are focused in the area around the campsite entrance to reception, the tea garden and play area. (Not in amongst the campsites) Traders gain access to set up stalls early then leave again to park off site).

Forest Fare

Every Saturday from 9am - 2pm

The selection on offer varies but one can expect freshly baked bread, just picked vegetables and salad greens, pickles, preserves, pasta and smoked meats. Also your favorite home baked eats and treats as well as quality second hand books and goodies.

The Forest Fare is about making a commitment to living as locally as possible and reducing the gigantic carbon footprint associated with trucking stuff in. Support our industrious locals; it's a way to satisfy your conscience as much as your taste buds. Please join in. Local is very VERY lekker!

Come to trade, swop or shop. Homemade home grown rules apply. Bring along something you've made to eat or grown from your garden or clear out your cupboards; your junk could be someone else's treasure! Bring a little or bring a lot.



Footprints Festival Market-

Sadly the 2018, 5th Annual Morgan Bay Footprints Festival held from the 22nd to the 24th of June has been cancelled.

However the Market is still on and the venue is the same so at Yellowwood Forest it's business as usual.

Trading is from Sat 23rd 9am-5pm and Sunday 24th 9am-2pm with stalls featuring original, high quality, handmade arts and crafts. You can also expect live music, kid’s activities, face painting and awesome food! Traders are taking up the challenge to go zero waste so things could get interesting. Don't miss this one!

There is also a Dress like a Tree competition - to honor our Carbon Guzzling Hero's and lots of prizes to be won.

Crafters wishing to participate in the Yellowwood Forest Market can download the application form here. Don't worry it's the Footprints market form but everything still applies except for night trading which we have ditched this year: Application Form 

For regular updates and the programme of events planned for the weekend follow us on Facebook or instagram

We guarantee you will have a fun and memorable time and look forward to seeing there!