Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers welcome! Being environmentally conscious and community orientated means there are many opportunities for volunteers. Young, old and Family groups will find something of value to do in exchange for having somewhere safe and comfortable to stay and being fed and welcome.

We are English speaking South Africans while our staff are Xhosa speaking locals who live in Ixgara Township, here in Morgan bay. Get to know us at work and home and learn the language and more about local culture in a small close knit community where everyone knows each other.

Yellowwood is a work in progress and the “to do” list grows daily.

Opportunities which exist for volunteers are varied and all “jobs” taken on are much needed and appreciated. You need to find where you fit if you want to do something you’re comfortable with or are experienced at. Share your expertise with us or let us share ours with you....


Get out of your comfort zone and try something entirely new!

Your skills or enthusiasm are needed in any of the following areas: and if we haven’t thought of it yet... tell us

Yellowwood Forest Projects

Conservation and Eco Projects

Morgan bay Community Projects

Yellowwood supports the local Ixgara crèche. Help at the school in any number of ways. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated.

COME! Let’s do it together.

We provide

We offer free self catering accommodation. Stay in a comfortable caravan or in the Backpackers dormitory (2 rooms with 2 bunk beds sleeping 4 each - 8 in total) or in its private double room.

We provide one free wholesome meal daily and tea/coffee

Wi-Fi – free internet access for emails (no downloading; vouchers may be purchased for that)

We offer free pick up or drop off in East London every Monday and Friday.

A free game drive for every volunteer staying more than 4 weeks. We guarantee sighting of giraffe, wildebeest and antelope.

Morgan bay is a quiet seaside village out of holiday season and gets wildly busy in Dec for about a month- so volunteers can expect to do nature based activities. Hiking trails, horse riding, abseiling, rock climbing, cycling, canoeing, sailing, fishing, swimming, bird watching.

Volunteering is a work of heart!