Yellowwood Forest offers excellent birding & birder friendly accommodation.

  • Situated on the Inchara river bank 1.5 km from Morgan Bay beach.
  • Surrounded by 3 broad vegetation types; Coastal & Afromontane Forest, Eastern Thorn Thicket & Coastal grassland.
  • The combined Forest types growing along the river & ravines adjacent to Yellowwood offers canopy heights from 5 to 10 meters in exposed areas & up to 20 meters along Yellowwood Forest's family friendly Bush buck trail.
  • Specials include the rare African Finfoot & secretive Narina Trogon.

The surrounding Subtropical thicket vegetation characterised by a mosaic of Acacia Karoo Thorn trees and coastal grassland is renowned for plants, succulents and bulbs which grow nowhere else – a perfect place to look for the Red-necked Spurfowl, Denham's Bustard or the Mocking Cliff Chat.


Yellowwood Forest Bird List (153 Species)

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Morgan Bay Bird List (279 Species)

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