Bushbuck Trail

Let the forest recharge your soul. The Bushbuck trail is an easy 700m family walk through Indigenous coastal forest. Head down to the far end of the campsite, where an impressive 300 year-old Yellowwood tree stands guard at the trail's entrance. This Podocarpus was just a seedling when Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape! Cross the stream and make your way into an enchanted forest.


Be on the lookout for our forest residents as you make your way towards the Giant Fig tree, fairie grotto, the monkey swings towards the upper reaches of the Morgan Bay lagoon. Sit inside the wishing tree’s massive trunk and stare up at the enormous hammer kop nest towering overhead. From here the path winds its way inland through the forest and past the swamp in a circle ending back where you started.

Take the kids; there are real fairies hiding along the trail and the tiny bugs, beasties and bird life are spectacular.