Ablutions for nature lovers and hobbits

  • Centrally situated, unisex, quirky & hobbit-like.
  • Unconventional rock & thatch buildings with mud walls and glass details.
  • There are 4 hot water showers, 1 bath and 4 flushing loos.
  • They are intentionally rustic - that's not an excuse for dirty.
  • Ablutions are well cared for & cleaned daily.
  • Water is a scarce resource & must please be used wisely.
  • Loos make use of septic tanks; please flush only toilet paper. 
electrical sites are limited to lights and fridge only

Electrical sites available - Solar is best

  • Campsite has 10 standard points.
  • Capacity is VERY limited. (lights and small camping fridge ONLY).
  • No appliances with elements please. (kettles, hotplates, hairdryers etc)
  • We encourage the use of solar panels. 
  • Noisy generators are not welcome.
  • There are no bright lights in the campsite, you can see the stars better without!
  • Please bring a torch.
  • Ablutions are well lit & solar lamps are available if Eskom leaves us in the dark.
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Playground/ Tree House /Slide /Trampoline

The playground is kids paradise. Under the shade of large trees, next to the tea garden, is a tree house with two slides, swings, suspension bridge and swings. There’s a trampoline, sand pit and toys to keep your kids entertained and happy for hours.  Its wind-free and shady and folks can watch the fun while having a meal.


Bunnies & Guinea Pigs

Children will love our little touch farm. Please be gentle with the guinea pigs and bunnies. Cuddles and feeding strictly under parental supervision only.    Our fluffy friends are very precious to us. Tiny kids do not have the hand control to prevent them from squeezing....


WiFi and DSTv

The WiFi hotspot allows 15 minutes free for day visitors - vouchers can be purchased in the gift shop. Free WiFi for overnight guests booked in any self catering accommodation. Your favourite Sport can be watched on a big screen in the gift shop.


Water is drinkable and campsite taps are few

4 fresh water taps service all 30 campsites sites. Water is a scarce resource, so stretch your legs, socialize or bird watch. Do use a bucket to wash your vehicle if absolutely necessary, but not the hose pipe. Please use water sparingly.


Rubbish is separated and sorted                  PLEASE DO YOUR BIT - use the bins provided

Yellowwood Forest is GREEN and proud of it. Please separate your waste into the bins provided. It makes the planet happy.



There is only space for one vehicle per site. There are no specific allocated parking spots as the campsite is quite organic. Park near or next to your site. Should you wish to give yourselves extra space you need to park in the visitor parking area.


Dogs and Wildlife

Sorry strictly NO Dogs, unless by prior arrangement. This Dec. 2020 has been such a rough year that we have said yes to a few folks who needed their fur babies with them.                                        PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH. We have chickens and rabbits.

We love nature, naturally, but don’t feed the monkeys or leave food out. Also don’t bring doom foggers or zappers to dematerialize the bugs. Mozzies excluded.


Braai Areas and Camp Fires

These are small, simple stone circles cemented low in the ground. There are no built in braai grids but a few are available from reception. There is one large, circular, elevated braai site for communal use and it’s well lit.

Bags of firewood are available to purchase. Please don’t collect wood from the forest


Laundry and House Keeping on request

Hand laundry in at reception - we'll wash, sun dry and fold it for you.  Please count all your items, we are not a laundromat and yes, we have been known to mix it up a little - unintentional and usually easy to sort out. Otherwise wash by hand in the basin provided.

House keeping is available for units and campers can arrange at reception to have someone do the dishes!